I am so tired..

Being Bipolar comes with a lot of things.. Racing thoughts, delusions, feeling like you can take over the world… BUT with Bipolar illness you also have low, low, lowssss…. These symptoms can even make you feel physically tired. It’s the chemicals in our brain that lacks what we need to regulate our thoughts and mood. So next time you see me and I say ‘I’m so tired.’

Don’t say, ‘You look fine’, ‘You just need to relax’, or ‘There is nothing wrong with you’.

My response will always be


How does it feel?

I want to take a minute, hour, day, week, month, year, lifetime to Thank all of those who are there supporting us who suffer with Mental Health illness. I can say this much, I wouldn’t be here, alive, without the support of those who love me. The bottomline is this.. Your voice is louder than the ones inside and that makes me fight to #FUXMENTALHEALTH

What is it good for?

We are living in a different day… The days of old when people would say, ‘It’s nothing wrong, just cheer up!’ Are no more. We as a society are so much more in tune with each other. BUT Sometimes over exposure can drive us into a deeper hole. Right now I love the conversation, I love the beginning of inclusiveness. BUT I don’t love the fact that having PTSD and hearing voices will automatically fit the description of a murderer.

‘I hear voices too……Sometimes.’

The voices are sayin #FUXMENTALHEALH

Why do I remember…

Have you ever wished you could forget?  Forget something that hurt you so much, something that you know will never change.. What’s the point of the memory? Being Bipolar I have times when I remember.. I remember the person who never had a bad day, a person who could conquer the world in 5 minutes, the person who never slept and never felt tired.. The person who got so drunk, till this day I don’t remember what happened. (More than once) I think the purpose of some memories are to keep you from EVER doing those things you regret again. I’ll keep those memories fresh in my mind so I can


Keep ‘Day’ Dreamin’

I love to dream.. Especially day dream.. There are times when I can’t keep my thoughts from racing… It’s a challenge to tie my shoes and hum a tune because I have no space in my OWN mind.. Using day dreams is my way of taking control of my mind. Filling it with hopes and wishes, or just anything but my usual… ‘Make a lefts’, Lol that’s what I call my racing thoughts and voices.. The ‘Make a lefts’ are so annoying I would do anything to just….. #FUXMENTALHEALTH

What do I know?!

When I start a sentence with ‘Hi, I have a Mental Health illness.’ Some people would either check out on me mentally or start thinking…. ‘Where is the nearest exit? ‘I hope she doesn’t realize I have one too!’ Of course the last one is my personal favorite.. In society we limit each other and ourselves just by thinking and not allowing others and ourselves a safe space to be vocal… To be 1000% honest I am full of fear. So full that living my life is uncomfortable BUT I think it’s time for things to change.. What do I know? If my fear should die and hope live then maybe I can finally #FUXMENTALHEALTH



The pain you never knew you had……

A dear family member of mine passed away recently…. I never knew the pain I would feel… The only thing that keeps me going are memories. Remember the great moments in life.. Learn from the tough moments in life.. Walk in as much peace that life allows.