Value.. How do you assess value?

For someone with a Mental health illness it’s a great question. So many times our lives, personality, hopes and dreams are wrapped up in our illness. It can be so difficult to assess your value in a relationship, at work, within yourself because our illness and society tells us we are less. I don’t have all the answers but I can say this. We have to fight to always know there is value within us. Yes I know. ‘I am lucky to have good people in my life.’ And true but you have to know it’s something good about you. No one accepts something or someone without knowing it’s value there. Life is a trade off. You give me some seeds, I give you some fruit when it grows. When we view ourselves with value, and not a pity party then we can show ourselves and others that our worth isn’t just to exist. It’s value inside of all of us! Sometimes with Mental health it’s not so obvious because of the other things that come with it.. But if I can find the time to #FUXMENTALHEALTH then I can find the time to


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