When it’s good, it’s good!

Soo, I haven’t written a blog in 2 months and there is a reason for that. I will give you the honest answer. I wasn’t in the mood.. LOL! Your probably thinking hmmm ok.. So your not in the mood? Your not in the mood to keep blogging for your cause? Actually no, I wasn’t. You see sometimes ‘US’ people who suffer from Mental Health Illness have different moods. Hence the name ‘Bipolar’. Hope this is ringing a bell. To find consistency in my mind is so hard because some months are blissful. Some enchanting. Some dark. Some cold. Some scary. And some void. To keep up with ALL that and this gets tough. But it’s something I know will repeat it self again and again. So don’t worry if you don’t hear from me. I am still somewhere, in my bed for days, on a spending spree, telling my therapist I can’t do anything right, telling my friends I am never wrong, binge eating on junk food, crying because I just don’t understand why I am crying, laughing, singing, writing, flirting, not feeling beautiful, wishing I returned all the things that I bought at the mall…. Basically even if I am not here, I am always trying to #FUXMENTALHEALTH.


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