How do you deal with me? ;/

That’s a good question, especially for dealing with someone that has mental health illness. We have to be responsible for ourselves of course. BUT the people who are in our lives at times have a large burden of responsibility as well. They have to know our triggers, our variables, our mood… Even when we don’t. I know, that doesn’t sound fair right….. But if I had any other aliment like Hypertension it might not be such a drag to remind me to take my pills, or eat healthy. We have to look at all of this the same. We just need a little help, because everyday I set out to help myself as MUCH as I can. SO next time we fall into depression, or into a tirade of mania.. Try to remember what was happening, what was going on at that moment and it may help you and the person with the illness find positive ways to counteract it. OR all else fails take note so you have a cue for when you should run for the Hills! #FUXMENTALHEALTH

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