Fighting the good fight… Or just a fight.

I am Bipolar right.. SO I have things I deal with right.. Like some really high highs right.. And some really low lows right.. Ok, we got that all squared away… Now, I am dealing with some really hard Bipolar spending…. I made a promise to not do any needless shopping for the next 5 months, and it is kicking my butt. I am 21 days in and was doing justtt fineee…..UntilI purchased a needless vacation package! I could feel inside this was a bad idea… But I believed my own mind… Sometimes its hard for us to see what’s right and wrong. What feels good is right and what doesn’t is wrong…. You see where I am going with this. But this is the time where friends, family and honestly just doing the opposite of what feels right needs to be done. I missed the mark today, but I have 130 more tries(days)… I pray I can at least make more than half of those days a success…. You should know what I am going to say by now… Say it with me!



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