Can I be Frank? Or Ann?

If I am Frank I want to say ‘I am so over this!!’ I hate not being able to plan my life because I don’t know if I will want to go through with what I planned…..You have to love and accept yourself for who you are but being Bipolar Sucks sometimes! OK, now since I was Frank, I want to try being Ann.. I know it’s a hard fight but everyday I find new creative ways to make it over another hump. It’s never an easy but you find smoother paths along the way the road that doesn’t seem so never ending… If your looking for a way, a thought, a new beginning. Just start… Start. You will mess up, we all do but just start. Then start again. Always be Frank about life, that’s the only way to change it.. But being Ann will help you see the bright side. Or all else fails just. #FUXMENTALHEALTH

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