Today was a good day…..

Or not… The one thing that you can guarantee about being Bipolar 1 is… Extreme happiness and extreme sadness. Honesty I can’t stand either because when one comes you know the other is around the corner… What do people say, ‘ the old Jekyll and Hyde’. That is so true. I want to live a regular  and normal life….. TRUST ME  But sometimes it’s gets pretty tough… I am so glad I am able to come here and speak to others who may understand this feeling or who may just want know why there loved one is acting a certain way.. It’s no real rhyme to this whole thing. I try to find a reason and the reason must be in my purpose because that’s the only place I can find tranquility. For me it’s to find 1000 reasons to not push forward and then just 1 reason that keeps me moving. This fight with Mental Health illness is not for the strongest all the time but also for the weakest too. When I say to my self, ‘I brought home dinner and can’t eat it, I don’t want to cry but I can’t stop it. I love my family but I want to be alone now. It’s dark in this room but I can’t take the light.’ In those moments of weakness  I say ‘ you know this won’t last forever, you know it’s people out there thinking about you and love you. You know you will have the strength again soon. And if you don’t someone will.’



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