I think this whole thing is pretty cool…

You know when I set out to write these blogs I think this whole process is pretty awesome. That someone will read and begin to seek there own truth and freedom. I had to get half way out to be able to do this but I am still in. You get it? Meaning this fight never stops. The war won’t end but when I get weary and tired who will keep fighting until I renew my strength? What will help is the soldiers who join the fight. I need to know that there are others out there that will! I have been and will continue to fight. That’s my life’s mission to never give up on this.  But I want to know that others will too, that there is a set of people out there that feel the same way! FUXMENTALHEALTH! Fux what you think we will become, Fux what you think is good for us, Fux what you think we look like, what we smell like, Fux that your afraid of us, Fux that we make you uncomfortable (by the way it’s some pretty normal people that make me feel uncomfortable tooooo), Fux that you wish that you could emulate our energy to be cool but then go back to your normal self when your done playing crazy, Fux thinking that just because I have mental health illness you can get over on me, Fux that this thing defines me and I don’t care, Fux that I dance when I feel and smile when I am alone and I don’t mind, Fux that I am so free but trapped in the same mind, Fux that people want to treat us like projects, mice in a lab, FUX this whole thing! I can’t ask for anything else but for you to say Fux to something and if you’re good, able bodied and have nothing to Fux, well just FUXMENTALHEALTH with me then.


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