Can anyone explain this shit to me?

Today is like so many other days I have had before. But now so far and in-between I forgot how it felt. (Note to self try to NEVER forget) This is the other other side of being Bipolar.. Don’t get me wrong I don’t love either side, but this is the side that leads a lot of people who are suffering over the deeeeep end. Yes suicide. For the last five days I have been really pondering on the meaning of life. Waiting for someone, anyone to explain to me what’s the point of all this… I know, I know people think, ‘this will pass, you won’t feel like this forever.’ But now feels like forever. Now feels like 1000 days. No point in eating, getting out of bed, showering, speaking, cleaning, even typing. (It’s taking all my strength to do this right now) Just know,whoever, whenever, you read this.. Know I am here hurting with you. I am here laughing with you. I am here in pain with you. I want to FUXMENTALHEALTH with you!


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