We are the World.. We are……….

That song meant so much to me as a child. I looked at myself in the mirror thinking. ‘I was the world, me.’ It was the best feeling to know that I could change lives. I didn’t really know the magnitude of what that meant. Life changing people are not always good you know.. They can give you a terrible life changing experience. I remember when I was in Mania and I don’t know why…… I decided to have a drink to take the edge off. Well I was hanging out with friends and this guy comes along. He was pretty cool but just a little on the annoying side. Nothing terrible, right… Well that night it was. I jumped into that inflated self esteem, grandiose personality and went to the roof on him. It was so bad, so so bad. I have apologized to him literally a thousand times since that night. To the point where he said, ‘it’s ok please stop saying sorry.’ I can smile now but for a while I hated the memory. To know that I gave him such a terrible experience. God knows who else has had a bad experience by way of Me (Really SMMFH). LOL! But I am here to TRY again. I wake up everyday saying, TRY. Honestly, if I see him again I would probably give him the, ‘Hey I am really sorry’, eyes. But I wouldn’t bother to say it again. I can say this much. I am the world, and I at times represent the world of different people with mental aliments… And it’s not as fascinating as I thought but it’s my world… My work lives on, so let’s say it together..


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