Stand up and be heard! Ok that’s enough, sit down..

I sometimes feel that people want you to speak up, but when you do some people give you that ‘I didn’t need to know that much’ face. Isn’t that the point, when trying to connect with people is to be honest. I can’t assume my answer will overwhelm or make anyone uncomfortable. I remember when I let one of my good friends know that I have Schizoaffective Disorder. I would hide the sharp knives in my house so when my friend asked me where all the cutting knives were I froze. I was at a crossroad, should I tell the truth or tell a lie. They stood there waiting for me to speak and I just let it out. ‘Well, you see, I hide all of them because I don’t want to use them. I sometimes see in my mind people coming in my house and using them or I think about hurting myself and if I can’t find a knife then I can’t( that was a lot).’ I think you can probably tell I got the ‘That’s to much information face.’ I know it sounds SUPER INSANE but it’s the truth. I had one of those moments. Many times we who suffer from Mental health issues want to say how we feel and then keep moving. Although I do understand some of the things we might say or do isn’t the most simple at times but the release is what some of us really lack. The ability to say, ‘I know this is going to sound crazy but’……………………


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