Is it hot in here?

Being delusional isn’t as fun as people think it is…. People take drugs to visit Cloud 9 for just a moment. People want to live on the Third Level, they make songs about the Third Level, they fake like they have been to the Third Level… Well I visit there at times and I just don’t see what all the fuss is about. You see that good old thing called Dopamine produces a littllle to much at times in my brain which can cause those silly delusions.(Being very sarcastic right now) The long of the short is, my body knows that this isn’t ‘Natural’ and it’s damn aggravating at times to live inside of my own body! Have you ever been trying to enjoy a book reading event at the Barnes and Noble, but all you can see in your mind is you throwing the book against the wall and doing the Typewriter(McHammers famous dance, look it up) through the crowd of eager listeners?? And all this for no reason..Or better yet, it’s about 90 degrees on a regular Miami Beach day and I come outside in a jacket and turtleneck because I am SO COLD, meanwhile my friends try to convince me that we were all supposed to be headed to the beach… (God I love my friends). The games the mind can play. Never the less, it’s my mind. But I am here to tell my story and for those who want to fight this ‘normal’ we have to live through let’s do it. Let’s FUXMENTALHEALTH together!


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